Quality of Life, Multigenerational Sustainability; Making Space in Hunterdon for our Adult Children and Parents

Is Hunterdon County prepared for the future needs of our parents and our adult kids? Hunterdon is a truly wonderful place for adults to raise young children. We have achieved a very high standard of living of the American suburban dream for family-aged adults. It’s safe, has great family-aged housing stock, has great K-12 schools, and has a healthy environment and a wonderful culture. Yet as our children and our parents age, the County does not provide as well, and the problem of Multigenerational Sustainability can be seen. Here are some issues and initiatives that we will work on as commissioners. 
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Establishing a Four Year College in Hunterdon County

We are shipping our best and brightest out of the county for school, and most don’t return after college. The County can create an aggressive partnership with colleges to create a satellite four year school, and/or help fund a brand-new school.

Vo Tech and Poly Tech

Poly Tech/Vo Tech

Currently Hunterdon has a relatively weak poly tech/vocational tech school program, unlike most other counties in the state. While college may not be for everyone, appropriate education, training, and skills is for all. In one of the most educated and wealthiest counties in the country, the County government has lost sight of how we got here and lost sight of the personal characteristics that form the foundation of our success, namely appropriate education, training, and skills. The lack of a proper poly tech/vocational tech school or programs will condemn our businesses to struggle with our unskilled labor, and will condemn our children to fail to achieve what their parents achieved. The lack of a proper poly tech/vocational tech school or program shows the lack of understanding that the current commission has for its fundamental purposes.

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Jobs and Career Growth

After high school and college, the County’s economic base does not offer the jobs that our children want. So our young adult children move out of the county. The family is distanced, divided. The County must do more to foster high-paying jobs in long-term businesses.

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Better Housing Solutions

Once our young adult children have found good jobs, the County’s housing stock does not offer affordable housing. This is a state-wide problem. Young adults and families of modest incomes can not afford to buy the houses where they have grown up and where they work. So our children move out of the county. The family is distanced, divided. The County must do more to foster affordable housing for our local, young adult children and the middle class.

There is a similar problem for our seniors, our parents, in Hunterdon. Housing and related costs, including property taxes, are so expensive and represent such an investment nest egg, too many of our seniors must cash out and leave our county and state to preserve financial viability during their retirement. This divides extended families, again. The County must do more to foster affordable housing, and varied styles of housing, for our local seniors, our parents.

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Better Broadband

Hunterdon county residents and businesses need and expect first rate modern telecom infrastructure. We simply do not have the internet speed and bandwidth to handle the County’s needs.


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High Tech Lab

Hunterdon County is has a talented, smart kids and a great schooling system but lacks a place where kids can go to learn about coding, circuits, game-design, app development, AI systems, etc


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