Economic Plan

There is no wellbeing without a good job or business. Yet there is no good job or business without a well-run, supportive government.
Small Business Support in Hunterdon County -

Properly Support and Fund Economic Resiliency

While Hunterdon County government has a skeletal structure in support of our businesses and jobs, the County government is not actively, fully, properly supporting and funding these activities. We are not competing as well as we could, in spite of having a start on professional economic development managers dedicated to these goals. First you have to adequately invest before you can reap profits.

Concessions in Hunterdon County -

Public-Private Partnerships

One of the reasons we can’t get ahead of these business promotion issues is because the solutions require public-private partnerships and cooperation. The County should take a lead in promoting such partnerships and cooperation. The County must show the private sector that the County is open for business. The County must actively invite the private sector into public-private partnerships and cooperation.

Film and TV Industry in Hunterdon County -

Expanding Film and TV in Hunterdon County

NJ has a growing film and television industry, yet very little of this has touched Hunterdon County. We will establish an office of film and television production and will foster on-location productions. We will put concerted resources into our Film Hunterdon program.

Promoting Tourism in Hunterdon County -

Promoting Tourism of Hunterdon County

We have a meaningful industry serving local workers and businesses and enhancing our residents quality of life and bringing revenue into the county. Yet the County’s support is woefully inadequate. Our current efforts are not comprehensive, and not promoted well enough outside of Hunterdon County. The current administration is reportedly developing plans just now. These plans are long overdue. The actions need to be properly funded and then sustained.

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