Emergency Preparedness

Hunterdon County Emergency Preparedness

A County-wide Emergency Preparedness Plan

We were not ready for the COVID pandemic and Superstorm Sandy. While we know disasters will happen again, we are still not ready for next hurricane or pandemic hits, nor are we ready for an industrial or economic disaster.  While we have quality OEM officials, the county has perennially under-supported and under-funded these resources.  Additionally, the county must revamp/update all plans for various disasters; build a stockpile of medical, civil, utility, and personal protection equipment and supplies; and invest in trained personnel and coordinated township actions, that can be executed within hours.  Further that plan must include risk prevention.


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Action in Support of COVID Damaged Local Governments and Businesses

COVID is a disaster. The county must act like it is.  During disasters, larger governments, like the county, should be acting to foster recovery and then growth, when the private sector and smaller government entities are not capable.  We need a program of county-backed loans and grants to our local small businesses and smaller government entities.  The program will focus on those investments, private and public, that foster recovery and growth.


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