How We Can Improve Hunterdon County

Infrastructure in Hunterdon County -


Beyond roads and bridges, we need to upgrade our power lines, strengthen our internet broadband service, and plan for future sewer capacity.
Children's Future in Hunterdon County -

Quality of Life

We send our best and brightest children off to school out of county, and often out of state, just to see that very few of them return. We have a plan to change that.
Preserve Hunterdon

Preserve Hunterdon

Hunterdon County is a very special place with a very high quality of life. Now we must manage our success in order to protect it into the future.

Economic Resiliency for Hunterdon County -

Economic Plan

There is no well-being without a good job or successful business. Yet there is no good job or business without a well-run, supportive government.
Emergency Preparedness in Hunterdon County -

Emergency Preparedness

Is Hunterdon County ready for the next life-changing disaster? We have a plan.
Emergency Preparedness in Hunterdon County -

Support for Families in Moments of Fragility

There is much that our County government can offer to help our families in need.

Statement of Principles


Preserve our Hunterdon Quality of Life, Promote our Families, Communities, Businesses and Jobs through Steady, Common-Ground, Moderate, Effective, Efficient, Common Sense Government, a Government Subject to Best Business and Government Management and Practices, and not Ideology, Partisan Division and Personal Interests.

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