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Opioid Crisis

In recent years, the current Republican county officials have adopted several of the Democrats’ platform policies and programs concerning the opioid crisis, to the benefit of county residences. They have not adopted all that was proposed by Democrats and that is needed.

Further the Republicans do not propose their own without pressure from voters and Democrats. We shall continue to propose improvements to our communal resources and action plans for the opioid crisis. We will demand that the Republicans do the right thing and enact our proposals, until we become County Commissioners when then we will act without delay.

Food Insecurity in Hunterdon County -

Advancing Programs, Example, Meals on Wheels

The County runs a well-respected Meals on Wheels program for registered seniors, but the County is lacking in other programs known to work in other counties that can help many non-seniors with immediate food insecurity issues. Seed funding is needed to create county wide networks for food pantries. We will provide the knowledge of these potential programs, and then the leadership to take action to establish them in Hunterdon. And we will do so without ideology, just the measure of what works and what doesn’t.

Domestice Violence Shelters in Hunterdon County -

Domestic Violence Shelter

Women suffering domestic abuse are an example of successful government support that can be so very helpful. If women and their children had a shelter free of threats of violence, then they more quickly return to healthy circumstances, while those without may spend a life-time in tragedy and as a burden to our other social support networks. Hunterdon needs a sustained women’s shelter program, one that does not get defunded in several years due to the lack of understanding of the value that the County government brings to our community and families.

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